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Mathmatics and the Cosmos

Math and Space
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Space and You

Mathematics and the Cosmos have some much to do with math. My website will contrive information on the Cosmos and how math is used within it.
  Mathmatics is everywere and in everything that we do. But, what most people don't realize is that math is used in outer space more than what people realize. At its core, the cosmos is an attempt to understand Riemanian  geometry and topology furnish models of the Universe.
  A very well known man named Artist, had theoritical probibilities on the black hole, the superhighy way, and the gravitational wave detecter. Space is one of the most puzzling and interesting things of the planet earth.  Sometimes I sit back and think about if there really is life on Mars and if there is another planet out there.
   This is my information on Mathematics and the Cosmos